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Urban Teak Root Collection

Urban Teak Bedroom Collection

Urban Plank Occasional Collection

Monsoonwood™ is our exclusive trademark name for a species of tree closely related to Koa. It is salvaged after tropical storms from a large remote valley in the Indonesian Archipelago. Koa trees are non-native to the valley and are said to have been brought to the region several hundred years ago as a gift to a local official. Although the soil and climate is optimal for prolific growth, these Indonesian Koa trees have a significantly undeveloped tap root and combinations of rain and wind cause them to topple. Local farmers notify us and we salvage the downed trees including their roots and stumps which we turn into dining tables, consoles, occasional tables and carvings. The wood is highly prized for its beautiful grain pattern, coloration, hardness and stability. Preparation is an extensive process, including up to 2 years of curing time that involves multiple kiln entries, and at the proper time we embed steel bars into the planks for increased stability. Numerous applications of hand-rubbed oils, topped by water sanded layers of lacquer, complete the process and turn each plank into a unique piece of art. We derive great pleasure in being able to offer these limited and exclusively sourced tables to our clients as they become available through the providence of Monsoon winds.

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